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Reconciling the Timelines by primedforillusion

Had a couple more pesky thoughts...

Because I'm becoming a believer that Smokey's existence is tied an electromagnetic event (perhaps he had something to do with the Frozen Donkey Wheel? This is my Evil Dr. Manhattan theory), and its presence is somehow related to his powers, such as they are, on the Island, I think it's conceivable that he has some control in the new timeline, because it was created by The Incident, just as Jacob does in the main timeline, the actual reality where the universe is playing the game as it must be played... Jacob is the guardian of true existence, and, yes, he must scheme and manipulate sometimes for the greater good

The Man in Black has established this false world where our characters, the same people living out different circumstances, are all given what he believes they want most, although there is usually a catch (Desmond's being the most obvious)

He will tempt the LOSTies on the Island, although there is an ultimate hidden clause (Catch-22?): they will not remember their lives on the Island, and thus the new timeline is utterly meaningless to our characters, just as many of you complain, but the Man in Black will probably lie to them about this... I can't outline the specifics; I'm painting in broad strokes here

Desmond is Jacob's back-up plan... Because of his "ability", he will unite the timelines by connecting the 815ers to each other in the new timeline—they are one another's Constants—before the Man in Black can achieve his goal by uniting the LOSTies... Our LOSTies will experience their new lives, perhaps fully feeling them just as Charlie and Desmond have fully felt their lives on the Island, and thus be fully tempted to accept the Man in Black's offer

But they already know the truth, that if they choose this life, the Island reality—the real universe—will be destroyed, as will everyone they love and care about... That's what Desmond can tell them; I believe he fully remembers his flash to the sideways world and believes every word Faraday said because Faraday has never steered him wrong

Side note: I believe Faraday readily becomes connected with his Island self because of his experiments with electromagnetic radiation in the main timeline, just as Desmond does not need a near-death experience because of the fail-safe incident

But the Man in Black has woven one more con into the fine print... Because the new timeline is dependent on the Island, because it is tangent to it as a result of the Incident, it cannot continue to exist unless the Island in the real universe does... The Man in Black leaving the Island will destroy both timelines, and he knows this... After so many millenia bound to it, he has lost all hope and forsaken his humanity... He just wants to be free of this, even if it means oblivion for all existence

The universe does not want to be destroyed... The universe has a way of course correcting

I don't know... My brain is just spewing stuff at the moment

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