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Ok, here's the theory my wife and I came up with after watching "Happily Ever After". It seems to make good sense and I haven't seen it, exactly, anywhere else.

1. We think that Jacob and the Man in Black represent 'life' and 'death'. Two sides, one black, one white. Neither side is good, neither side is evil. Both are necessary, but also opposite. Life, like Jacob, is all about choices; not necessarily a choice between something that you don't want to do and something that you want to do, but a choice, nonetheless. Death, like the MiB, is not a choice; it's an eventuality. Jacob was able to grant life, but not bring back the dead. The MiB is able to take the forms of the dead and manipulate people who have died.
2. We think that the show is suggesting that there are multiple realities/timelines. We think that the Island timeline is the 'true' reality and the sideways flash represents one of an infinite number of possible alternate universes, but what happens on the Island, in fact, is happening.
3. We think that both Jacob and the Man in Black exist only in the 'main' reality (the Island reality). Life and death exist only in the real world. What the MiB wants to do, what he means when he says he wants to go home, is that he wants to be able to move into alternate universes/realities. We think the wine represents death and the Island represents the cork and the bottle represents time. The Island is what keeps death fixed in the one, true reality. The reason that Jacob wants to keep the Man in Black on the Island is because if death were allowed to exist in ALL POSSIBLE UNIVERSES, if you died in a possible universe, you would also be dead in the real universe. That's why Widmore said that if the MiB was allowed to leave everyone would 'cease to exist'. They might not die, per se, in the real timeline, but if they died in an alternate timeline, whatever happened happened and dead is dead, they would cease to exist.
4. We think that Walt, Desmond, and Aaron are 'special' because, like Jacob and the MiB, they exist only in one timeline at a time, so whatever happens to them in the alternate timeline happens through all timelines, which is why Desmond blacks out when his consciousness travels.
5. We think that the only way to merge the timelines is to die in the alternate timeline. As long as you don't die in the 'real' timeline, you're good. Therefore, we think that in order to merge the two timelines, the Lostaways are going to have to die in the alternate universe. When they do, they'll exist only in the real timeline. Desmond, however, will die and be dead through all times. This is his sacrifice.
6. We think the reason the MiB wants the Lostaways to get on the plane is because he intends to crash the plane and kill them all in the real timeline, which would mean that they are dead in all timelines which would mean that he's free to do as he pleases.
7. We think in the end, Jack is going to take over for Jacob and, ala The Dark Tower series, he will flash back to the events at the beginning of the pilot episode. He was in the jungle because he was on the island the whole time, only this time through, he'll know what he needs to do in the future to save everyone.

This is kinda rough and there might be some loose ends, and I have a tendency to ramble when I type, so it might sound sketchy, but to us it makes perfect sense...sort of.

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