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The Hatch was built to contain the dark energy released by the Incident. The Incident was caused by the Dharma Initiative drilling into the dark energy core, not by detonation of the nuke, Jughead. Jughead never went off. The Incident created the parallel universe and time line that we know as LAX. The Hatch was built to cork the hole of dark energy. The Hatch could not completely restrain the energy trying to escape. Every 108 minutes, a controlled release had to be done to keep the pressure from reaching critical mass. More importantly, this corking effect served to prevent these two parallel universes from intersecting because if that were to happen an anti-matter explosion would take place that would completely destroy both parallel universes. Pushing that button was not only saving one world, but two. Jughead was salvaged and used as part of a Fail Safe mechanism. Desmond's failure to push the button c! aused Flight 815 to crash. Just that momentary lapse set up a sequence of tragic events. Desomond realized all of this a little too late & was forced to use the Fail Safe which detonated Jughead & neutralized the immediate release. However, these two universes have accelerated toward each other ever since. Flocke wanted this failure. Flocke is on a suicide mission to bring together these two universes and cause the total destruction of both universes. Flocke is insane with anger, hate & bitterness. To insure the safety of both universes, all of the candidates have to dies except one whose eternal job will be to see that the island remains lost in time and space & never connects with someone who is simultaneously in both universes. The island will demand many sacrifices. The remaining candidate will be a very lonely person indeed. All of this because the button was not pushed.

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