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Yet another tie to Doctor Who by boogieman

I was listening to the director’s commentary on the “The Armageddon Factor” of the Key to Time series and found something interesting. I heard the director refer to the actor Valentine Dyall, who played the Black Guardian, as the Man In Black. He then went on to say “when I cast him as this Tom (he is referring to Tom Baker, the actor who played Doctor Who for this series) said Oh good gracious you haven’t done anything as flagrantly obvious as casting the Man In Black to be the White Master” He then replied with “Oh yes I jolly well have.”

I then looked up his biography on IMDB and found the following:



Biography for

Valentine Dyall More at IMDbPro »


Date of Birth
7 May 1908, London, England, UK

Date of Death
24 June 1985, London, England, UK

The Man in Black

Mini Biography

He could have been described as the "British Vincent Price". This distinguished actor was probably best known for his voice work. His low, resonant and mellifluous tones were employed to chill and excite for at least half a century. His most famous radio role was as "The Man In Black", back in the late 1940s, but he was making radio appearances as late as 1980 in "The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy", and undoubtedly later, and was in the BBC Television Shakespeare in the year of his death, at 77.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Silas Mayfield

? (? - ?) 2 children

Son of Franklin Dyall
Father of the costume designer Christian Dyall.

Like I said before I am only making comparisons to Lost and Doctor Who - The Key to Time series. I just don't believe in so many consequences without forethought or knowledge.

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