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Jacob's Last Tape by Admiral Halsey

This sort of piggy-backs on a recent theory about the Sideways timeline being Jacob's proof of humanity's inherent goodness. So, kudos to them for putting that out there.

What I was thinking is that maybe the Sideways timeline was created by Jacob after Richard Alpert said the line to him about the Man in Black manipulating people if Jacob did not. That also assumes that Jacob was legitimately surprised to hear this. I imagine some people feel that was part of a show for Richard Alpert, maybe? Who knows.

Either way, it is possible that Jacob orchestrated events on the Island in the 70s to get the Incident to happen, in order to get them to drill and tap into the electromagnetic pocket of energy and create the Sideways universe. In this Sideways timeline, we see our characters living (somewhat) happier lives because of their own doing. What if Jacob figured out that the only way for him to ever prove the Smoke Monster wrong was to completely remove himself and the opposing party from the equation?

I believe, following this theory's line of thinking, the 'thing' that Jack has to do that Jacob mentions to Hurley, is that Jack must find a way to show the Black Smoke the Sideways timeline and ultimately prove Jacob correct; that people are capable of being good on their own.

This may also be why Desmond is so special. Maybe he is the only one who can find a way to show this to the Man in Locke, due to his association with copious amounts of electromagnetism.

Maybe? Thoughts?

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