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Just thought of this, and haven't seen anything about this yet.

If the hydrogen bomb caused the alternate time line (ATL), then that would mean that in the ATL everything would be the same up until Juliet decided to hit the bomb the final time. Things could only be different post-detonation. Since the beginning of the season it has been virtually impossible to provide any solid evidence against Jughead being the cause of the new time line. However, this past episode has possibly given us an answer. The presence of Pierre Chang.

Before the bomb went off, we saw Chang's arm get smashed. This would mean that in the ATL he would presumably still need a prosthetic arm like he had in the Swan Orientation Video. But in this new time line he has both arms. He would also have knowledge of the time travelers since he met them previous to the detonation.

I used to be a solid believer that Jughead was definately the cause of the ATL, but not after seeing Chang in the last episode.

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