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This has probably been written about, but I have an idea about what is going on here. LOST is a character driven show at the end of the day. The science fiction and mythology are just neat narrative tools to carry along a message that is rooted in characters and their relationships with each other. In the 2004 time line, Desmond has come to a realization that the primary characters are incomplete. They are incomplete because they do not have the connections they have developed in the original time line; or to be more accurate, they don't have the one meaningful connection they formed in the original time line. How he knows which characters to pursue and who their connections are, I have no freaking clue. But for whatever reason, he knows. He pushes Hurley to Libby and seems to know he has done his job when he sees them kiss. Then he runs over Locke - and I am one of what seems to be only a few who believes he is not trying to kill him! I think he is trying to get Locke to his one true connection to the island time line. That connection is not Helen - this is not a relationship he made as a direct result of the plane crash. The connection is Jack. Locke is going to end up in Jack's OR . Does Locke have a secret crush on Jack? No BUT he I believe he had a deep respect for Jack that amounted to a kind of love. I will go out on a limb and guess that Locke is also Jack's connection. Kate would be the obvious choice, but I think he was always haunted by Locke, even when he was with Kate, making their connection more powerful.

I think the connection between the two time lines may be that our island characters are going to be put in a position where they will have to choose. I think death is one way that could lead to the 2004 time line. I think that is why Juliet has her coffee image and thinks "it worked" - because she was seeing herself in that time line. I think it could also be the energy of the island and the reason Desmond has to connect everyone to their significant other is so that they have a constant to keep them grounded (I like this idea, but I don't know how it would be executed). I think this is the only explanation for Desmond's complete lack of fear. He knows that if he dies, he will be in another place and he knows now that he will meet Penny. He is also OK with sacrificing his life with his son because in 2004, Charlie Pace is alive and I think Desmond has lived with the guilt of allowing Charlie to die under the illusion of a lie - that Claire would be saved if Charlie did what he did.

I am not sure what the relevance is to the island battle and Jacob and MIB, but I don't think that is terribly important. I think the take home message is that it's a crazy universe out there, where alternate worlds, smoke monsters, and time traveling bunnies exist, but the one thing we can be certain of is that love conquers all and relationships that are meant to be will be.

Just as a side note, I saw some other people list pairings so I will list mine for fun and see if anyone has thoughts because it is slightly different from what I have seen:

Jack and Locke (again, this is clearly a strong platonic love rooted in respect)
Hurley and Libby (duh)
Sawyer and Kate (I know I know everyone wants him to have coffee with Juliet, but there was too much build up last season that these two may have been destined for one another and it ain't happening on the island with Sawyer's mourning - plus these two understand each other and Kate may be one step closer to Sawyer through the relationship she made with his daughter)
Sayid and Shannon (hey, he said he loved her and I don't think he was lying)
Claire and Aaron (I think she had the moment when his heart beat stopped and she called out his name - they just didn't show it)
Jin and Sun (duh - but I think the realization will happen as she is in surgery having her baby saved as the baby symbolized the moment where they really embraced their relationship...and could the baby be saved by a Dr. Burke maybe??)

And to appease the Suliet fans (I am actually one so this is kind of for myself too)
I will allow for the possibility of Sawyer and Juliet if he ends up at the hospital to figure out what's happening with a runaway Charlie, but I would really be curious how they would stage a coffee date in the little screen that is to be allotted.
And if Kate doesn't have Sawyer, then I give her Aaron. I think if Sawyer ends up at the hospital, it's with Kate in tow and Claire will miraculously be there giving birth to Aaron and Kate will hold the baby and feel the connection.

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