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Desmond's Real Sacrifice? by Cynthia

I've been working on like a 10-page theory for two weeks and I scrapped it all to post this, which just came to me at the end of last night's eppy.

I think the juxtaposition of Flocke "killing" Desmond by pushing him down the well on the island and Desmond "killing" Locke in the ALT involves the two of them essentially "switching places." Which may turn out to be how Desmond saves the island and sacrifices for the sake of it, not just the whole EM thing that Widmore seemed to be setting him up for.

It would certainly explain why Desmond was so calm in both timelines during both very violent scenes.

So- what if island Desmond dies at the same moment ALT Locke dies...(I realize we're operating in two different time frames here, but it's clear the consciousness shifts are not bound by laws of spacetime)...perhaps that will give Desmond the ability to somehow force MiB from the body of Flocke? And if Desmond is co-occupying Flocke's body at the time that Widmore sets of the EM event intended to kill MiB once and for all- it would give Locke- or more specifically, Desmond as Locke- the ability to survive it. With Locke dead in the ALT, it seems likely that his consciousness will be able to shift back to his island body at that point, killing Island Desmond, but bringing back Locke as a resurrected savior and doing away with MiB once and for all. Is that the sacrifice Desmond was meant to make?

Or something like that?

Probably bogus. But I'd be curious to hear feedback.

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