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Past, Present and... by Sphearis

The show has its share of past events (from the statue to the blackrock) but while the focus is made on that part of island's history, I would assume that in order to impress viewers, they'll reveal by the end of the season that some future event will be the beginning of everything. Maybe even someone we see as someone from the past or present has seen it all because he went back years ago on the island, to present day (isn't it what our losties did when they went back to 70s?).

Many people are assuming that Jacob and MiB are from the past, I'd say they're from the future. I'm still confident that Lost has a scientifical explanation(more scifi than pure science though). Since season one, I've seen the smoke monster as a swarm of nanobots, many articles were speaking of shapeshifting micro robots which could be programmed to perform some actions at the time lost started.

That could explain some things such as "the rules" Jacob and MiB are following closely, MiB which cannot be killed, except by a "special dagger", the smoke monster form able to read minds, the presence of massive electromagnetism, the research made by Dharma and so on.

Maybe these two non-human things (Jacob and MiB) are simply advanced nanobots with a simple objective. One has to protect the island, the other one has to spread its power in what we see as the real world (an antivirus which quarantines a virus?).

The end of the show has to reveal something that will make us look at the whole show again with another viewpoint, mixing future in the past and present actions or even a future event which is the start of everything might give us that viewpoint.

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