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In "The Package" we see that Mikhail loses his eye as a result of being shot by Jin.

We did not know why Mikhail lost his eye and wore a patch in earlier seasons.

We also have the eerie comment that he made about a john locke he knew - and i think it's been accepted that he was going to say 'paralyzed' before being cutoff.

This is HUGE.

My theory is that this alone proves that the two timelines or universes, or whatever they're being called with definitely converge and that consciousnesses will definitely merge.

Mikahail is the proof. It validates time travel (now we KNOW how he lost his eye), and corroborates his earlier eery statement about knowing john locke.

this is going to be awesome!

what do you think? please comment on significance of Mikahail and his having been shot in the eye.

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