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Everything that has happened so far, was planned and the Others knew about it all along. In Season 3, Kate and Sawyer built a runway when they were kidnapped by the Others... this is the same runway the Ajira plane landed on. The others knew the Oceanic 6 would leave the island and return again one day to save the others.

This theory can also be proven because in season 3, Mikhail says he knows each of the Losties and as we saw from last week's Sun and Jin centric episode, we know he meets Jin and Sun and Jin is responsible for shooting him in the eye.

Here's what I think happened, in one timeline, the Losties have done everything we have seen so far. Then, after Jughead, another timeline was created, back in 2004. This 2004 timeline happened during 2004 on the Island, that is how Mikhail had a patch on his eye during season 3. If this new timeline is going on in 2007 (during this season), then Mikhail would not have been wearing an eye patch in season 3 which took place in 2004.

I believe when the Losties look at their reflections in the Sideways timeline, they start to remember what happened in the original timeline. When they all meet up eventually, they will remember what happened to them and LOST will end there. They will all die in the 2007 timeline and that timeline will be erased and the only timeline left will be the 2004 in the Sideways universe.

I am not sure if someone already posted this theory but basically all I am saying is that the Others and the people on the Island must have known all of the these events were going to happen because they created the runway, Mikhail knew the Losties before we saw them meet and he had lost his eye from Jin before Jin landed on the island.

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