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"Sideways world" is what will happen if MIB succeeds..and it isn't good.

Clearly things are different in SWW, and not just since "the Incident". We have not seen Penny or Charles Widmore in the SWW. Did they "Cease to be?" The island (or cork) is at the bottom of the sea, so presumably in SWW, in MIB does not exist or he has escaped the island

I thik SW-Sun's shooting is the beginnning of some very bad events that will happen to all the Losties in SWW. We will come to want MIB to fail so SWW doesn't occur.

If MIB leaves island, who knows what time period he will arrive at in the real world. Pehaps enough time to change all their lives to what we see in SWW. As clearly the timelines diverged prior to 1977.

It is the MIB leaving the island that sinks it - clearly not jughead

Most people speculate (hope) that the timelines will merge or there will be memory transference. I think we will soon see that all the Losties will be dead soon if SWW continues and is allowed to occur.

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