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Only the Dead.... by prof foster

Last night's episode, Happily Ever After, revealed a little detail that some may have posted. If so, sorry if this is old hat.

Only the dead know that something is wrong with the ALT reality. They know it is nothing more than an appeasement from the island. They know it is not real and may be trying to get the living to recognize this.

It's clear that Charlie knows something isn't right and wants to return to death. Daniel knows this when he feels the pull towards his love (also dead). Keemy and Mikhail seem to be toying with everyone during their scenes. "I know something you don't and it's not that I'm going to kill you in this world right now."

Notice how the dead are almost characatures of themselves on the island. Their qualities seem to be magnified. Keemy is extra creepy cruel. "That was my fee..." Mikhail seems even more cat-like. "You know why," he said with his Cheshire grin. Charlie is on more than your average death run. Daniel is extra wimpy with Charlotte. He's a cool musician with all daddy's money backing him and he's about to play a concert. He can't throw some mac on her?

What the castaways are going through is a "reward" for their sacrafice. The island or MIB is providing a perfect world for them to live out their ultimate desires. It is purgatory or whatever you call it. The dead know this. They have seen the "real" heaven and want to go back. They will push the living to "wake up" from their nightmare. Once this is accomplished the dead will be able to rest.

An odd thing occured to me. The good dead, those who loved, want the purgatory/ALT to end. The bad dead, those who have sinned, want purgatory/ALT to continue. Who wants to go back to hell?

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