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The Multi verse by Shahid Alam

Last night we finally saw the two realities connect through the electromagnetic pulse which Desmond was put through. At this point its safe to assume that he's the only one capable of surviving a blast such as this (for reasons unknown).
What we do know too is that it is possible for characters in the AU to "remember" their experiences from the Island, even though they never actually experienced it themselves.

The Lost writers are using a Multi-verse (Multi-Universe) approach to the Island. This has been made famous by DC and how they have multiple versions of each superhero from an infinite # of worlds. IE There are Clark Kent's aka Superman from different universes each had their own individual life experiences and each of them are Superman in their own right. They are independent men with independent souls, memories, thoughts and decisions.


The Lost writers are taking an approach to lets say one Clark Kent is about to die; well what if we can save him by either putting or combining his soul and memories into that of another Clark Kent who's in a different universe. It’s a writing technique which allows a favourite character to live on even though they made a sacrifice.

To make things easier I'm going to refer to the Universe which we have seen for the past 5 years with life on the Island as Universe A and this new universe that we are seeing as Universe B.

Last night we witnessed that Desmond is not the only person in Universe B to "see, remember, witness, experience etc.," What word to use is ambiguous at this time; but I'm sure we'll get a proper definition soon enough.

I think Desmond is going to get the manifest of the Oceanic flight so that he can 'awaken' everyone. This will be done by telling them about their own constants.

Desmond -> Penny
Charlie - > Claire
Sawyer -> Juliet
Jack -> Kate…. His son…. Or perhaps his father! Who we have not yet seen
Kate -> ???
Sayid -> Nadia
Hurley -> Libby
Sun/Jin -> Each other… or their kid…
Boon ->???
Locke -> Helen
Daniel ->Charlotte
Miles ->???
Frank ->???
Ilana ->???
Michael ->Walt

Is love to constant? Or the key to “passing over”. Perhaps Love is something that MIB is not being able to corrupt; as we saw when he tried to manipulate Sun and even Richard.

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