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Desmond: the only balanced character? by miga_7

I started thinking about this after "Happily Ever After" and wanted some thoughts on it.

I suspect that each universe represents Jacob or MIB. The real time line is influenced by Jacob (since he was alive and touched all our main characters), and I think that the sideway TL belongs to MIB. If the island (i.e the cork that kept MIB imprisoned) was blown up by the H-bomb, then MIB would've become free. He could've then granted everyone's wishes, but of course these wishes come at a cost.
So you see in each time line everyone has what they don't have in the other.

Desmond is the only one who has the prospect of getting everything he wants in one TL, and that I believe is because his black and white sides are balanced (much like the picture in Widmore's office). And that's what makes him special. That's why at the end he was happy to go with either Widmore or Sayid, and didn't care about choosing sides.

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