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First, Did anybody else find it cool that in one reality Flocke threw Desmond down a well, and then in the other reality it was almost as if Desmond got back at him by running him over with a car? I thought that was kinda cool.

By the way, is that Well the Orchid well? I don't think it was.

Alright I'll do this in the order I think are most likely, and I'd love to get your opinion on what you think is most likely. I'll just preface the whole thing by saying there is no chance in hell that the mysterious boy in one of the Losties. (I don't think :-))

5. A Young Man in Black: Odds aren't good. Why does Flocke/MIB feel annimosity toward him? Why does he want everybody to ignore the kid? Why does the kid taunt MIB if they're the same? Still some people think this is possible, and, well, anything is, but I don't think it's very likely.
4. A Character from MIB/Jacob's Past: Ummmmmm, I guess, but who? Why is a kid important. I'm supposing that he's dead since he's so young, but there are a few clever spins on this idea. He's the 3rd entity who is the balance or rulekeeper between Jacob & MIB. He's the original body of Jacob & MIB before they were theorhetically split. Et. Al. A lot of explaining would be needed to get this passed though.
3. He's Aaron: That would tie together the whole mystery of Aaron quite nicely and perhaps have a huge impact on what the ALT ultimately means, or just the future in general. I like it, but it still seems far fetched considering the current direction and minimal time remaining.
2. He's the Island: You know, this is another twist on the 3rd entity idea, but why not? I don't know that the island really needs a face, but we've spent so much time talking about what the island wants, then perhaps giving it one and having it make a judgement where we can all see it act instead of just assuming that it did would be the way to go.
1. He's Jacob: This is really the best shot here, although I don't know why he's young. Some have suggested he's been reborn and is growing rapidly back to his old form. Perhaps it's just the image he prefers to use as a ghost, if such a thing is an option. But it's very feasible at this point. They just have to say he's Jacob and wouldn't need much other explanation for us to get it, and I think it's one we'd largely accept, so, it's the winner.

What do you think?

Frank is in the show to fly everybody off the island.

That said, the MIB wants no part of flying off the island. It was abundantly clear this past episode that blowing things up would be dangerous, IE, it might kill candidates. That spells bad news for Miles, but more importantly, it coincides with the idea that MIB wants everybody dead. He needs the candidates to kill one another so that nobody will take over for Jacob and then he will be free to go, but using the plane as a flying device has nothing to do with it. He is hoping to use it to kill. If he could just leave like that, he'd have impersonated Horace long ago and hitched a ride on the Dharma Sub. Of course he did say that he needed them all, but I contend that if he needed them all to leave, then why would Jacob have brought them in the firstplace? He would have been handing MIB the keys to leave. So no, he wants to kill them. End of story.

Now I think he'll completely fail, and to be more detailed I think a combination of ALT Locke and Jack do this. Locke from within and Jack from without.

But the plane is still there, and that's when Lapidus flys everybody left off the island.

The catch will be that as they fly away for their happy ending, they run into turbulence and bail, landing back on the island, but this time in the ancient past, where they find Jacob and they live along side of him. :-) (Yeah I'm not putting money on this either.) So we learn suddenly that Jacob didn't just pick them at random. He found them, because he knew them. He waited for centuries, not knowing when or how he'd meet them, but one by one he found them, and brought them to the island in order for them to complete their destiny. They weren't just random people and the loop goes farther back than we thought.

No? Yeah I don't think so either. But Maybe.

I wanted to close with a bit on Dharma. I've seen some comments that Dharma effectively didn't accomplish much, but I wonder if anybody who would say that realizes how big The Incident actually was. It began as just a vauge event, but The Incident is what caused the ALT reality, which I contend was Jacob's plan all along. Thus you could conclude that Jacob influenced Dharma to come, possibly by influencing Hanso to come on the Black Rock, and everything starts to tie nicely together as one long chain of events. But Dharma was certainly necessary as if they hadn't existed then the ALT would not have been possible, and I promise that it's going to be vital to the ending

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