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Something I've "noticed" (sorry, Vozzek - HaHa) is that the commonality between the ALT characters that seem to have tumbled to their previous, on-island memories FIRST are those that HAVE ALREADY DIED ON THE ISLAND. This pattern that I believe I've seen holds true with Charlie and now Libby, both of whom are dead on the island and have felt extremely motivated / driven to enlighten Desmond and Hurley who as we know, have gone on to "awaken" or "enlighten" the other Losties.

Maybe the reliving / reenactment of loving moments (Des & Penny, Hurley & Libby) or emotionally turbulent moments from the island (Charlie's drowning scene) somehow negate the ALT "haze" the characters are experiencing and cause them to "awaken."

If we follow the thought to its logical conclusion, then the balance of the more major characters might be "awakened" in the following way:

Sawyer - A kiss from Juliet (love) or the killing of Anthony Cooper (emotionally turbulent)
Kate - A kiss from wither Jack or Sawyer (love), etc.

I'd appreciate any thoughts the group might have along these lines and thanks for reading, as always!

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