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I've had this theory for awhile, just havn't put it all down as waiting each week to see if it still looks that way...it does.
Since Jacobs death, Hurley has adamant about what needs to be done, and most everyone is defering to him. He has grown from the likable "mascot" into a (maybe reluctant) leader.

He now has Jacobs ashes, which will come into play probably during the series finale. Hurley will be the hero. I can see Jack sacrificing himself to save the losties (ala Sawyer after the frieghter blew up). In the last 2 episodes, I'm really beginning to like Jack. He appears to have gotten off his "high-horse" and is using his common sense more, and learning to trust other people. In this sense he would make a good replacement for Richard whom I believe isn't going to last long. He would make a good protector and advisor to the leader of the new Others. But I see Hurley as the one to defeat Flocke, and replace Jacob since through his ghost-whispering with him has given him insight as to how things need to get accomplished. What do you think?

Did anyone else love it when he told Richard that he didn't have to explain anything to him?

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