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I think Jacob and MIB were brothers. Perhaps their mother, being crazy probably favored Jacob beyond the norm and treated her other son as an it. The family probably was of wealth and either crashed or settled on the island, and whatever incident caused the island to now regulate consciousness probably involved MIB losing his humanity. I think we will see that Jacob did not directly "do" this to MIB. Rather, MIB now blames Jacob because he just stood by and let it happen, when he probably could have stood up for his brother but didn't. Why? Because he liked the spotlight and the power that came with it, and chose to ignore the darkness growing within his brother. Maybe a resolution to the problem between them is the only way to bring harmony to everyone's existence, and that is where some or one? of our Losties to create the circumstances possible for Jacob and MIB to heal their relationship and end t! he struggle.

An aside, do you think it's possible that uttering MIB's name would make something significant happen? Trigger some big change? It is getting really unbelievable now that nobody would demand to know it directly to Flocke or at least have some conversation amongst themselves Ala' Hugo and Miles little chat about time travel and paradox's. The absence of his name will probably be some GIANT reveal in the finale. That's my guess anyway!

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