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My theory is that Jacob and the MIB were symbolized as early as Season's one episode White Rabbit.

The first scene of White Rabbit we see Jack's eye as he's laying on his back at the school yard. When the camera pans up we see a brown haired boy beating up a blond haired boy.

Is it is possible that these two boys could represented Jacob and the MIB? When the dark haired boy is punching the blond haired boy, the blond haired boy is looking at Jack almost like he is thinking something deeper than just help me.

Young Jack really hesitates before he gets up to try to help, that seems more like Jack is now than he was in season one when he just reacted to things without thinking. The only thing I don't know if my theory is true is who the boy that tells him he should have stayed down symbolizes?

Just a thought.

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