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We've been LOSING.. by bero


Although a first theory that I am posting on this site,
let me mention that I think this website is extreemly well maintained, so cheers for that!

Now my theory starts with what we saw first, ''LOST''.
When first watching the show, we are lead to believe that the title of the series come from
the losties being lost, on an island that can't be found.

Yet, when we start learning that there's some kind of battle, or game going on between
MIB and Jacob, we realize there might be a second sens to LOST.

What if Jacob's always LOST? It only finishes once as he says, but by the discussion he has
with the MIB on the beach, it seems as he's not on a winning streak..

Let's demonstrate this :

- Jacob's speech ''it only ends once'' suggest that he's losing.
- Jacob tells Elana that the losties are the LAST candidates..
- Jacob decides to switch his gameplay and hires Richard as an advisor..
- We always saw the losties lives affected by Jacob's existence and since then we have always seen a LOST
at the end of each episode..

All of the above reference show that Jacob has been losing for as long as we saw the game being played.

Also, remember season 5's finale: after Jacob tells MIB that ''they're
MIB gets frustrated and throws Jacob in the fire. We then see, at the very end, an inversed LOST background.
It is white, and says LOST in black.

My theory is that the alt time line has always been there, it wasn't caused by Jughead (a lot of proof disqualifies
that btw, such as Pierre Chang still having an arm, the ilsand sunk with no physical damage etc.). Widmore, Jacob and
a lot of other caracthers keep telling us that if they don't stop the MIB, everything will cease to exist.

I think the alt time line is the result of MIB winning. As a lot of people say, the alt reality is weird,
seems like it's been built up.. Like if someone has scanned what the principal characters wanted and
fabricated it for them (Desmond has Widmore's trust, Sayid sees Nadia again, Claire will have AARON, Jack is
able to be at ease with his dad); this is MIB's work.

The timeline we've always known is Jacob's and is the one in which he is losing. The alt is the conscequence
after which the ''good side'' (Jacob's) has lost and MIB has taken over.

I know there's not a lot of evidence, but it makes sens to me..
Don't be shy to shoot me down with the comments. :)


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