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This is my Lost theory that I have developed as of “Happily Ever After”. I have gained my information from watching the show, and reading other peoples theories. And doing research on Lostipedia .I will break it down into sections forgive me this may be long, it has just been rattling in m brain so I have to get it out. I have no prior knowledge of anything that happens in the show after the episode that was just broadcast on ABC, and in no way should this be considered a spoiler…it’s just what I think.

LOST is a show about love and redemption. These are the major themes and they are what the show revolves around. Those themes are at play through out the show, and are a big part of the mysterious that lie b4 us and the answers yet to come. What is the AlT time line has been a big question..People have said that it is a prologue or an epilogue. I believe that it is a world without the influence of Jacob. What do I mean? Jacob has had a major effect on not only our Losties life but also the lives of many people around the world. The numbers would even be hard to imagine, think about how many people you personally have had and will have an effect on through out your life. Both directly and indirectly. I mean every choice you make has the potential to effect countless people. The simple act of you letting a person in front of you in a line could have an effect on hundreds of people. What if that person now left the store earlier, and got in a car accident as soon as she pulled! put of the store parking lot, and her, her daughter, and her son, the other driver and his 2 sons were also killed. How many lives would that effect all those people friends and families now and the friends and family they would have had, if they had been able to live out the rest of their lives. The numbers would be in the thousands. We effect the people we are around everyday directly and indirectly in countless was. Just imagine how different your life would be if you had dropped out of school or did not drop out of school. Now take this guy Jacob how many lives has he effected, probably enough, that if he was not prevalent the lives of these characters would be dramatically different, I believe as different as the AlT.
So to explain this theory if have to get in to a little island timeline (This time line is chronological as events have happened on the island not as they have happened in order of show number or season). So we see Jacob and MIB on the beach sitting around in what has to be mid 1800s because we see the black rock in the distance. Some words are said, and the scene ends, the next earliest event we see, is I believe is Sawyer holding the rope just as John Locke was about to turn the Donkey Wheel in the filled up well. Right after Flash 14. How do I know this well the Losties that are present see the statue of Tawert in full. It is not demolished yet. John Locke turns the Donkey wheel. The islands obviously dose what it does and move (as we are lead to believe that what happened when the wheel is turned). That would explain the dramatic change in weather for the next instant we have been privet to on the island The Black Rock smashing the statue and, crash landing on the isla! nd. As we have seen Richard meets both MIB, and Jacob, and in the end he decides to go with Jacob. The next time we see the during time shift 13 sometime after the well has been built, when John Locke descends into it. It has to be during that time because in 1977 the well has been built and when sawyer was holding the rope in the mid 1800 the well had not been built so during that gap of time the the 13th flash that happened to the Losties on the island. Some where during that time the US military comes to the island to test H-Bombs. The next time we see the island is I believe when Faraday helps the others hide the bomb in 1956, because John Locke speaks to Richard and tells him to go see baby Locke in the hospital in a couple of years or month. I believe time the island is show again is the 1974 when Sawyer, Jin, Miles, Daniel, and Juliet are sent here after Locke turns the wheel, and the 15th and final flash occurs. Three Years later we are shown 1977 when Jack, Hurley,! Kate, and Sayid show up, when they flash through time after b! eing on the ajira flight. Then the incident happens, and we are shown to timeline/or Alternate universes if you like. We will call one the Alt the other one we will call the MTL (Main time line) I will continue with the MTL. The next time we see the island is right after flash/shift, when Rousseau save Jin. The next time we see the island is during 1989 when Danielle shoots her team and almost shoots Jin, right after the 8th flash. The next time we see the island is in 1989 when Ben steals Alex, the next time we see the island is when Widmore wants to shoot baby Alex most likely in 1989 0r 1990. The next time we see the island is 1992 when the purge takes place this has to be around that year, because during Locke’s dream Horace tells Locke that it happened 12 years ago so that places the date in 1992. The some time during 1992-2004 we see the island when Widmore is being kicked of the island, it has to be after the purge and b4 the Losties arrive due to Widmore presence ! off island after the Losties arrive and Ben not being the leader in 1992. The next time we see the island is some time during 2001-2002 is during the 3rd flash/shift, this is when Locke see’s the burning beach craft that I believe Yemi was on. The next time shift is the first time shift when Locke sees the beach craft and is almost shot by Ethan. The next time we see the island is during 2001-2002 when Desmond reaches the island, and all the time he spent on the island. The next time we see the island is when our right b4 our Losties show up in dharmaville with Juliet and Goodwin, around 2004, also during the time between 2001-2004 Juliet is brought to the island. Our Losties crash on the island and live out season 1,2,3,4; also during that time in 2004 the 5th time shift happens. Then Ben turns the wheel in season four in 2004, Then we don’t’ se the island for 3 years until Ben, Sun, Frank and the rest of ajira land on the island. And they live out season 6 up until! the last episode we see. Also during that time Widmore sub arrives, an! d Jack, Kate and company come back to 2007 from 1977. And in 2007 the sixth shift takes place when sawyer, Dan and company find the Zodiac and the gun battle at sea happens. Also some time after Ben turns the wheel and sometime in the future (still unknown) after the green house has been destroyed the 12th flash happens and it is also unknown during what time period the 9th, 10th, and 11th time shift occurred. Which is important. It seems like every time there was a time shift a group of people or person came or was brought to the island. Around the time of the first shift/flash Desmond came, 2nd shift/ Ajira, 3rd shift/Yemi, and Fourth shift/Dharma? fifth shift/ freighter/Henry Gale?, 6th shift/Widmore sub, 7th shift Rousses team, 8th/? , 9,10,11, is unknown because they never showed a time period (maybe for a reason) 12th/? Sometime after 2004, 13th us military, 14th/.
So that being said what is the Alt, I believe it is a timeline that has no Jacob in it, well the Jacob that we know and love anyways.
Like I said in the begging Jacob has effected so many peoples lives since the time he came to the island that without him the thousands of people he would have affected never got effected and, because of that we have the time line that we have. When the bomb went of time was split in two. One time line where they crash, one where they don’t in basic terms. In the time line were the plane crashes all the events of season 1,2,3,4 on island happen, and the Losties eventually time travel and because they time travel, they bring all of these people to the island (remember every flash/shift looks to match up with a date that some group arrived. So because the traveled these people arrived, and because these people arrived, 815 crashed (when des did not push the button), and because 815 crashed the Losties would eventually time travel, and because the time travel they cause all these different people to arrive, and because these different people arrive 815 crashes, and so on an! d so on. Get what I am saying the MTL is just 1 big time loop, one record, as faraday would say, the years being different songs. And it keeps just playing over and over again, and what happened, happens, over and over. Until it ends, hence it only ends once. Hence the original name of the show Lost “the circle”
How it will end with some sacrifice I think, whose or what it is idk. So what does this have to do with Jacob? Well he had to come to the island sometime, when though? We are lead to believe sometime a long time ago right, but that doe not make sense to me. Take a listen to how Jacob and MIB speak. They speak with a contemporary American accent, like how we speak today. In the 1800s people did not speak like that, people in America, or any country did not speak like that. So why would a show that pays so much attention to languages and accents, Scottish, English, Korean, Latin, Japiness, Russian, French, Iraqi, make this kind of continuity error, they wouldn’t. I believe it is a clue. I think Jacob is from this time period, in fact I believe that Jacob is Aaron. I mean it makes sense, given the accent, and the show producers saying Aaron is very important, and the last time that we know we have seen him, he was wearing huggies being left with his grandma, I don’t think ! baby Aaron is going to make an appearance, but I think grow Aaron will, and had as Jacob, he could not come out and say he was Aaron, because it would throw of all of his plans once 815 arrived, and it would have made for a suckey TV show (lol).
I believe that sometime when Aaron grew older he decided to go look for his mom or Kate which ever you prefer and was brought to the island during either the 9,10,11, or 12th shift, and was some how privy to all the information that happened on the island all the previous years, and some how ended getting shifted/flashed to the island b4 the black rock arrived, when I don’t know, maybe around the time of the Egyptians, hence all the Egyptian art and hieroglyphics and statues. And he started to bring people to the island, because he already had and what happens happens. Maybe the candidate he is looking for is the one how can break the cycle and end the circle, making everyone’s life better. Then what is MIB, maybe he was also Jacob, but when Aaron went back in time he was spilt in to. The ying and yang of man. Jacob is the Ying (I think) the goodness in man the one who wants to prove man is good that they can make the right choice, and MIB/Yang (who will name drop his ! name is Aaron during this season). I have no idea what MIB is really after he already has killed Jacob, and I don’t by this I just want to leave crap either. I digress though so since Aaron is Jacob, and wants to find mum, and leaves for the island, and is transported somehow back in time on the island and becomes the Jacob we know manipulating the behind the scenes, and brings these people to the island with the help of the flashes which ultimately leads to 815 showing up and them leaving Aaron with granny, and then arron goes looking for mum and so on and so on…another circle that encompasses our earlier circle. So in the AlT if the plane never crashes then Aaron is never left with granny and never goes back in time and affects these thousands of people’s lives. Hence the ALT universe a universe without Jacob's touch. And without Jacob to be there and the event that happened once he got there maybe dharma sunk the island because jughead was not there to counter ac! t the electro magnetism
With the event s of Happily Ever After, it seems as if Love for one nether is a way for one of our Losties to find out that he is in the ALT, Desmond, and Charlie, Desmond and Penny, and Charlie and Clair. It seems Charlie and Desmond know this information in the ALT and intend on “waking up “ the other Losties, how (probably by just introducing the right Losties to the right Losties, we can already see it coming together, Sun & Jin, Kate meeting sawyer (or maybe Juliet later this season) after the car chase, Ben & Alex, faraday & charlotte, Hurley & Libby, maybe Jack and Locke or Kate. Sayid and Shannon maybe (we are yet to see her). What will happened when they wake up, I have no clue but will for sure have some huge effect on the show, an probably my theories.
Questions I still have, what up with Eloise Hawking, how did she and Widmore arrive on the island? Is she some sort of gatekeeper? How is she aware of the alt? Why did she leave the island? Was that MIB in the cabin in the chair when been visited it with Locke? What is MIB end game? If MIB can’t change forms, he could not have turned into Alex, when he told Ben to do what Locke says, so who was it…It wasn’t Alex, was it a third party or Jacob? I think Jacob? But why would he tell Ben to follow Locke? Was it to see if he would, or if he would make the right choice and not follow Flocke (like Jacob told Richard you always have choice), and Miles telling Ben that Jacob “hoped until the end that he was right about you” or something like that, plus the fact he told Richard no one could come in it the foot without being invited. So did Jacob know he was about to die or did he want to die? What happened if no one wants to be the candidate? I know my theory has a whole bu! nch of holes hopefully the producers fill them in for me ;). Would love any feed back…Not a spoiler please don’t erase.

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