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The End Game by anotherlostfan

LOST has captivated and drawn in viewers among the years with its enthralling mysteries and genuinely deep content.

This is my theory of what the show is and a possible ending.

Overall, I believe that the Island holds the “prototype” for mankind, or at least, did long ago. It is perhaps the archetype or basis for human kind, and can be referred to as an Eden of sorts.

Originally, I believe that both Jacob and Smokey were given the task of protecting the Island. They were guardians of this sacred land and their sole objective was to prevent any harm from occurring to the Island. After perhaps some time, Smokey grew tired of his assignment and decided to rebel. His desire to explore the “outside” world heightened as time passed and so he committed some act of crime (possibly attempting to kill Jacob). He was punished by being transformed into this smoke entity for eternity.

At this point, Jacob realised he needed a successor in order for someone to fill his position when Smokey inevitably found the loophole he needed to kill him. Therefore, I believe that this whole process has been Jacob bringing potential candidates to the Island for thousands of years. Over the centuries, civilizations have settled on the island (Egyptians, Dharma) and have become corrupted by the powers that the island possesses, and from Smokey’s deceit and dishonesty. What we have been watching, and essentially what “LOST” is, is the final phase of candidates (our Losties) arrive to the island and begin their journey, for one of them (most likely jack) to inevitably become the new protector of the island.

So, what will happen in the end? I believe that a large war is inevitable on the island between both Jacob’s team and Smokey’s. Many characters will be killed off on the island timeline, until only the true candidate is left (possibly Jack). The candidate will need to make a sacrifice causing the island to sink, killing Smokey (and Jacob?) and ending the cycle.

I believe that once the characters die on the Island, their psyche or consiousness will jump to the ALT universe, whereby the Losties are given what they always wanted, a chance at a second life that is not controlled by Jacob or destiny and is solely defined by their actions.(Free-will) Therefore, The ALT timeline are actually events that are taking place AFTER the ending of season 6. This would explain the anomalies in the ALT timeline (Jack’s appendix scar, wound on his neck)

This will effectively close the circle that is LOST, and accomplish both a scientific and a faith ending pleasing the majority of fans. It is the backgammon game referenced all the way back in the pilot by John Locke himself. Its legacy will be remembered for a long while to come simply because of its relative ease to combine drama, adventure and sci-fi together, and mix it with undertones of mythology.

Overall, LOST tells the age old tale of good versus evil, black versus white and of course, destiny versus free will.

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