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The Island Sank Before by LJ All The WAy

In the beginning of the Seaon 6 Premier, we see that the The Island is under water. My theory is it is under water because it had moved through time again, just as it had sank before when it moved. If you remember when the island first moved in the Season 4 finale, there were ripples left in the water, as if it had sunk or been plucked up. Now after having seen the island under water, it's more likely that it sank when it moved.

You can see a picture of the ripples at the following link.


So the reason that the plane still experienced heavy turbulence in the flash sideways is because the island must have been there still as the plane was approaching and about to fly over it again.

So I’m guessing that later in the season, we’ll see someone move the island just as the plane is flying over again. Once it is discovered that the plane is still going to crash in September 2004, the 2007 should again be split on if they should move the Island and once and for all, change their destiny, or allow the plane to crash again.

This could be the "sacrifice" that Widmore was hinting at to Desmond.

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