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How It Is by Nick Sinkus

The other day I was listening to the radio and I heard a song by Bob Dylan. I don’t know many of his songs, but I like a few of them. One that I heard once or twice and liked was “Times They Are A-Changing”, has great meaning behind it and catchy tune. Anyway, the song I was listening to sounded kind of like it, but I had a feeling it wasn‘t. Rather than change the station I kept listening and listening, hoping that he would go into the chorus for “Times They Are A-Changing” and that I just didn’t recognize what part of the song I was listening to now. I listened for about 4 minutes (which I later discovered is longer than the entire song I waiting for) and it never became that song. It was then that I realized that me wanting it to be that song had absolutely no bearing on what it was. No matter how long I listened, it was never going to change itself into what I wished it would be. My hopi! ng was destined for disappointment and I knew that, but I couldn’t accept it until it all hope was Lost.

So before you read any further, understand that I am a HUGE lost fan and hope that I am proven horribly, horribly wrong and if I am, I will revel in my own pessimistic views and agree with all the undoubtedly negative feedback this will get. So here we go,

For the true LOST fans (like you and me) the rest of this show is going to be horribly disappointing!

The writers of Lost have spun themselves a Jacob’s Ladder (pun intended) that they will never be able to untangle in a handful of episodes, even if they moved faster than a snail’s pace, which they ARE NOT. The entire foundation of the show was built with no thought as to how to end it (kind of the like the Iraq War, but I digress).

Focusing on right now, the show is keyed on completing the primary Jacob/Nemesis battle arch and will answer questions related to that but will give no answers to numerous mysteries that true fans have been theorizing about since season one. The ending will not be as complicated as we all prophesize it being either (sorry Jacob is not actually Aaron sent back in time). It will have twists and turns, but it will not have the amazing “wow, now it all makes sense” ending.

Why do I speak such blasphemy? I recently watched Cloverfield and then Sherlock Holmes shortly after. At the end of Cloverfield I had nothing but questions. Where did the alien come from? What happened after the attack? Did his brother really die? Will there be a sequel to explain so many other mysteries? None of these were answered except for some stupid thing about an ice cream company and a spy satellite awaking this thing from the bottom of the ocean (seriously that is out there, search under Slusho). Sherlock Holmes on the other hand contained tons of supernatural occurrences (people catching on fire, resurrections, etc) and at the end clearly and concisely explained all of them in detail, leaving no huge questions. And guess which one of these films was made by the Lost producers… Granted I can appreciate the effect of leaving certain questions unanswered to allow the intellectually curious to conjecture on meanings and such (hell that’s what Lost made it! s name on and why I have loved it) but this string is setting us up to have dozens and dozens of huge questions that will never be answered… and I don’t know about you but I have kept watching to get some of these answers.

They will never answer:
1) What could Walt could do that was so important
2) Why Ben always said “we’re the good guys” about his Others
3) Who/what/when/how that donkey wheel was built
4) Who actually built the Taweret statue
5) The Hurley bird
6) Kate’s horse
7) Why Miles asked specifically asked for 3.7 million (or however much it was)
8) How the Others got Locke’s dad to the island or why Locke had to kill him to prove himself
9) How did Mikhail keep coming back from being seemingly killed
10) What was the connection between the Others and the Temple Others or what was that whole thing with the “trial” of Juliette

So far this season, the writers have done nothing but stall in what was supposed to be their super ending to their intellectual masterpiece of script writing. We have seen two episodes that gave us any real insight we didn’t already know outside of the first or last 3 minutes of the show (being the Richard Alpert’s episode and last night‘s Desmond one). Ultimately, you could have taken every other episode besides the Richard & Des ones and condensed it into one show and none of us would have known any less than we know now. It was okay to create mystery with no sign of an answer in the first two seasons and that’s what we all loved about it. I remember desperately searching for a picture of the black light map in the hatch so that I could try to figure out the mysteries that this island held. But you know what, it’s proven itself to be a bunch of doubling back to cover a story that was obviously written as they went along. You can tell the Writers have caught! themselves and must have said (in private of course) “Oh man, how are we gonna get ourselves out of this one?”

There are tons of examples of this, here are three:

1) The Others are first seen as natives in animal skins and shoeless, wandering around the jungle putting out the combined aura of a predator and a ghost. Yet they are later shown to live in a summer camp style community with all the comforts of suburban living. To cover this, the writers quickly show us some “costumes” in a back room of a building and later show us the “Temple Others” who wear clothing similar to the Savage Others, but are no where near as dirty or mysterious. That’s it, no more explanation, just move on and sorry we didn’t think about sticking to how we presented the characters from the beginning.

2) Also, When the Island was “moved” for the first time, they meant for it to physically move and later focused on time travel when they wrote the next season in the off season. Proof here is that when the island moved the first time the Losties popped up in their new location and their was water falling on them, suggesting that they had dove under the water and popped up elsewhere. But then the writers think, “Hey we can have more fun with time than we can with location”, so now the “flashes” will not involve location anymore (and as such the water falling disappears), it will just be time.

3) Smokey’s persona has changed at least four times, if not more. First it was an unseen monster that killed innocent pilots without reservation and ripped out trees in the night just to scare us, all the while sounding like a T-Rex, Tornado and Steam Engine. Then we see it’s smoke. Suddenly, it no longer is a crazed, blood thirsty beast and it take the time to judge people like Eko. Then, and only once, it can be summoned/controlled by Ben, next it could infect people, then it’s the defender the temple (strangest one), then its evil incarnate and can take physical form, returning to the temple it previously “defended” to kill its inhabitants. There is absolutely no way (and I would bet anything on this one) that they can pull something out of there bag of trick to make all of that just fall together. Can not and will not happen.

In short, I am just kind of frustrated. I feel like some told us they would build me my own roller coaster in my back yard and I just sat back and said, “Great, how could this not be fun.” Then three years into it they had obtained all their pieces and said, “I’ll have it for you in three more years and I will be able to plan out a lot better now that I have a set time frame. But I’m the only one who has the secret plans to make this and I’m gonna leave town forever the day after its done.” So I get excited and think, wow this gonna be great, lets just watch the progress. But now it’s a month before the deadline and there is definitely the makings of a roller coaster in my back yard, but there is no way all the parts fit, the structure seems to change at random from the original plan, time is quickly running out and this guy has been proving himself to not exactly be the most efficient workers in the last half year. In the end, I’ll probably end up wi! th a pretty decent merry go round and a whole lot of disappointment… and more importantly questions… unanswered questions.

Okay guys, I‘ve tied myself to the target, so… fire away!

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