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Christian Shepard by bloodyhell13

A lot of lost fans believe that MIB took the form of Christian in the past seasons. It makes a lot of sense that this would be true due to the fact that we have not yet seen Christian Shepard at all this season...

BUT..remember towards the end of season 5 when Christian Shepard approached Sun and Lepidus at darmaville and explained how Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Sayid, Juliet, and Hurley were all stuck in the past?

I understand how MIB as Christian Shepard would make sense when Christian appeared to Jack or Claire (since both could be manipulated by Christian)..BUT how or why would MIB pose as Christian to Sun and Lepidus? This honestly makes no sense. MIB could have taken any other person's form..but why Christian? Neither Sun nor Lepidus ever met Christian Shepard in their life!

Also, remember when Christian appeared to Locke right before the frozen donkey wheel and he said "tell my son I said hi (or hello)". Again, Locke never met Christian and we know this because he even said "who is your son?".

So there are three scenarios that possible could be taking place here.

1. MIB was stuck in the form of Christian Shepard for the past 5 seasons.
2. MIB needed to use some kind of body image to show himself to people and picked Christian randomly.
3. Christian Shepard is Christian Shepard.

Lost is way too smart to have the 2nd possibility be true. There is something significant about Christian Shepard and Jack Shepard which has not been revealed yet. The first episode of this season Christian Shepard's body was LOST in the alternate reality. If Christian was not an integral part of the show and if the character was not returning this season, he would not have been mentioned in that way.

Also, we know that MIB can take the form of people who are dead, but he does not take on their ACTUAL bodies. Richard's wife's body was not taken to the Island, and Locke's body was still on the Island when MIB took Locke's form...


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