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Short theory, but relevant IMO…

The ALT is shaping up to be a far more preferable world for our Losties…major bonus being they are all ALIVE. I see that as a good thing, I don’t know about you? So, that said, I don’t think the alt timeline is “real” as Charlie and to an extent Eloise insinuated. I’m not into Physics, I won’t attempt to even explain the existence of a fake reality, so yeah, not going there…BUT I think it might be possible, through some Physics magic to make the ALT real, and I think surfacing the island might have something to do with it.

How it might go down? Well Desmond is going to have to jog their memories in the ALT of course…But I think that is just too easy, too Christmas wrapped, too perfect. So they all remember each other and live happily ever after in a different timeline??? NOT!!

No, something else will have to happen, and it’s going to require major sacrifice. I think in order for the ALT to exist in “reality” the island will have to exist there as well. And as we’ve seen in the ALT, sometimes death is the only way to cross over. What if the island has to die? What if the “Alt island” can only live if the main island dies? And how can that happen?

Well, I’m not sure, but in my head it requires Jack. Jack, in the end, will want to make everything right for his friends, he will want to fix it, he will be the leader at the end of the day, the hero. But how?

Well he has to kill the island, and revive the ALT island, and the sacrifice required in order for him to do this will probably be his life in some way or another. Jack will make the world right for his friends, and have them all snug and safe in the ALT.
That’s pretty much all I’ve got. It’s just something that’s been floating around in my head. Let me know what you think?

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