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ALT Locke "Remembering" WILL Matter by Locke4God

So as we just saw, ALT Locke is about to remember, and with 5 episodes still left, that's not a throwaway scene.

I've been thinking for sometime that his memory will in some way impact Flocke. I think all of their memories will impact that Main Timeline in some manner, but with Locke it will be different and that's why he's always been important.

He hasn't just been thrown away this season, and they haven't had MIB impersonate him, specifically to keep Terry O'Quin on the show.

I want some help on this part, but I think the fact that MIB has possession of Locke's complete memories will somehow allow ALT Locke to control or reinhabbit that body. I know it's a smoke body, so perhaps all he does is influence that body, but somehow the ALT characters remembering is going to allow them to influence their island selves and in Locke's case it will allow him to attack the MIB threat at the source.

Actually I think that was a part of Jacob's plan along. To allow MIB to think that he had found a loophole, to allow him to think that it was his idea to kill and impersonate Locke, which he of course believed would allow him to gather all of the candidates. It's an amazing con.

Meanwhile Jacob encouraged each of them into creating The Incident (which is way more important that we could have ever thought), which created the ALT timeline, which allowed for all of the ALT charaters to "remember" themselves, and ultimately to pass on what they know of the ALT and it's purpose back to the Island Losties. In Locke's case it even presents the loophole around the fact that he's dead, and I'm saying he will sabotage MIB from within.

Any Takers?

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