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First time I post a theory here, but im a long time reader, there are some things I just needed to share and discuss with other people. After this weeks episode Everybody loves Hugo…

I Dont Buy The Whispers…

The answer to the whispers just seems to me like a pacifier for those who like it clean and are happy with knowing Only the half of it. I mean, cmon, do you remember when Harper happened to appear behind Juliet all wet from the rain… and so did Walt with Shannon, and now its Michael with Hurley, although there’s no rain here… does that mean that those two earlier whisper scenes were dead people too?
How come would Juliet have seen someone dead, she’s not in that kind of place in the Game. Or how is it even posible for Shannon to see someone who hasnt died yet…or to ever see or do something, was she ever noticeable at some point? I’m guessing, with Boone gone, the writers had to do something with her, and what else better than becoming boyfriend and girlfriend with the bad kharma iraqui who gets every woman he meets killed or far away from him in any reality…? My point, is, Sayid had to still suffer, The Island couldnt let him just fall in love and live in Narnia for too long.

Im guessing wet Harper and Walt were Smokie doing his manipulating thing. Maybe something like, Walt, wich is whom Shannon wanted to see in that moment, distracting her just so he Could get her killed by someone else(Ana Lucia), like he’s always trying to do and Sayid seeing him too just proves my point, because if it were dead people, well seems like everyone can talk to death now. The MIB is always trying to get rid of the candidates, and as i said before, he cant do it in first person, in fact he only seems able to manipulate them into killing each other…except for Jack and Hurley, maybe its just a coincidence but I find pretty interesting that He tried to make them both jump from the same rock. Once again, as Christian and Dave.

Although im not confident about Christian Sheppard being the smokie manipulating action figure. What makes me suspicious is that removed scene from the Pilot when we can see him with the White tennis he was going to be burried on with, and talks to Vincent, he kinds of tells him to wake his son up….
Funny here for those who Chaim that Pilot Jack is holding a bamboo stick, I’ll just say, go get the pilot, watch the scene, and ask yourself, Why dont we see him, or Kate or Sawyer near the crash, and Why does he HAVE a cylindric Black stick in his hand next to the famous bamboo stick… A cylindric stick that remembres me of the one Ben has just alter traveling through time and space…There, I got it of my Chest, now we have to live with it….

Oh no I get it now, the smoke monster scans you so he can show you what you want the most, or at least, what HE thinks you want the most, remember, here’s where Jacob is trying to prove him wrong. So jack chasing his father to a glorious fall was just an ilusion, so did Harper because of his issues with Juliet, Dave and Walt… BUT this Michael and the Christian from the pilot removed scene, so as Isabella and Charlie talking to Hurley… those were True Island Zombies…

Let me put the dynamite down so I can keep shouting at yo…oops!

Weird huh? From the beginning I mean, why is Ilana alone with unestable dyno shaking like a carnival queen, Jesus girl, you have tattoed in your forehead ‘kill me’ already, why didnt jack went, for everyone’s sake, he cant blow up, and he knows, and lets this poor thing, she is even that naive she walks with the bag like she was just holding her empty purse… and the way she just starts filling it with water bottles, omg chick you are nuts… but its not then when it happens, it happens exactly when Ilana is trying to say something relevant… and then FREEZE girl, sorry I didnt let you finish but I am done with you. Yeah. Just like that.

So you are talking to wood now?

Island Locke tells everyone who asks him that the only way to get off the island is to get everyone together and he needs no more than Sun, Jack and Hurley, the others just might go to hell, he doesnt care, and here’s why.
We now know that MIB is more than confortable with lies as long as they lend him where he wants to be. So, from his point of view, reveiling his own truth about the facts would be unnecessarily and pointless. The truth is that he needs sun because he doesnt know yet wich Kwon is the one, he also needs Jack and Hurley because they are the remaining candidates. If he were really trying to get them everyone off the island he might wanted aswell to recruit the finest pilot who lands everything in its correct place. Maybe if Lapidus didnt fall asleep the plain 815 would have Landed satisfactory in the main Timeline, but why wasnt he in the flight 815 from the alternate timeline either? Well, thanks to that we know that the plane didnt crash this time because the island was underwater and Desmond was somewhere else…
So Sayid has tied Desmond to a tree, why? Wasnt Desmond here willingly? Why does he need to get tied…? Because Sayid now is a bastard unable to feel things and that includes trust, no, he doesnt trust Desmond and he couldnt take him into the camp or else the others would freak out… and Island Locke would freak out himself I guess he doesnt want anyone to find out anything but the necessary.

Why wouldnt you go out with Hugo?

Ok. So everyone loves Hugo right? NO, there’s someone who doesnt…Rosalita. Why in God’s name wouldnt you want to go out with a kind, sweet loving man who owns half the town… And that is exactly where im going, rosalita doesnt love Hugo because she doesnt even exist, or maybe she does, but not for us, because she didnt come to our date. Is this the way the Universe is course correcting? Although this timeline seems pretty cool from the outsider, its falling apart, someone’s effort is going to crush and burn… and im guessing MIB’s. Maybe Rosalita was just and excuse for the Universe, or maybe even Desmond? (I’ll get to Desmond later) to course-correct things the way they are suposed to be by Hurley finally opening his eyes to a new World. Our five years island time World… Because, lets just admit it… isnt it disappointing if the alternate time line just turns out to be the end? It would be like spending five years of your life running a race, and when you reach the finish line they just tell you you Could have just taken the bus two hours ago…

Desmond is not trying to kill Locke

The scene opens, and we see Desmond, acting all nervious in his car, looking at Locke doing his infernal wheel chair dance floor moves all over the school parking lot. And the all-mighty Ben Linus, who has an eye for scoops, ‘comes again’ in the rescue of John Locke. What am I talking about?
Im talking about Ben, showing up in the exact moment, when John is going to get hurt, and funny this, Locke always gets hurt in the end and always Ben plays a major role for that to happen. First we see how Ben finds John in the jungle, then shoots him and leaves him with his Dharma buddies. Then Ben comes to suicide party soon enough to hang the piñata. And now in FantasyLand he is unconsciently playing as his bodyguard.
Now why is Desmond so desperated to strike Locke?
Lets back up to Happily Ever Ater, know we know that Desmond knows, what does he know? I dont know.
Desmond has seen the Light, he is willing to do a Sacrifice the island is demanding him to do… Does this means that Alternate timeline Desmond and Island Desmond are one now? Is he the same entity operating in both fields? Well I do think so, and, in the last episode we see how he asks Minkowsky for the names of the passengers of flight 815. And earlier this episodes we see his cheaps moves to getting into Hurley by buying at his restaurant and akwardly deja vuing him about they happening to be in the same flight. Funny now when it was Hurley who recognized Desmond in the airport from the plain, and now he has no clue whatsoever…

The Man With The Plan

Now we can clearly see Desmond is paying the Losties a visit one by one. And before you know it… KABOOM! A crippled jumps all over your car and you have to go on the run. Why? So Jack Sheppard Could fix Locke…? Now is the bell ringing. Desmond wants those two to know each other better, would they recognice each other from the airport? Would they have an Epyphany just by looking into each other’s eyes…? Can Alternate Jack fix people the way he is miraclesly able in the real timeline? Lets face it…Jack saves Rose just alter the plain crush, then saves Charlie from Ethan’s tree, but that makes me wonder what happened with Boone, was he suposed to die so badly he couldnt make Jack happy about this? C’mon even Charlie gave him a chance… in both realities, and then in this Season he tries to save Sayid, but at this point i could be telling that Jack is not believing he can fix anything anymore but now after he knows he has a purpose.

Or maybe Desmond just wants Locke to have a near death experience like the one Charlie told him, and later they both had and see what happens with that… but im still saying that Jack and Locke are about to meet in the hospital. And what happens with Locke’s epiphany anyways, what would he see? He has no love connection on the island, Why does Island Desmond say He is John Lock, is he still Locke? Has it been Locke all the Time? Did Locke died in the plain crush…? Thats why he Could walk? Thats why he played ancient games and eat porks and get morning glories everytime it was raining? Is that why he sees Only beautiful and White where everyone sees death and Black? What about his Dont tell me what i cant do…?

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