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Something that the Sideways universe seems to be heading towards is that, in it, the Losties' lives are much better... but... the other thing that I noticed... their lives/health all seem to be heading towards how they are on-island.

Sun... she was pregnant in the Sideways, yet "regular" Jin, before the Island, was infertile;

Locke... the Sideways seems to be heading towards that Jack will fix his back and he'll be able to walk...;

Mikhail... got shot in the eye;

Sawyer... became a cop;

Rose... in the Sideways, I believe that we will see her cancer regress - unless this is left as something for us to assume.

So... rather than the Sideways universe showing us the Losties' futures, what if it's actually showing us their "make-up" in some way..? What if Jacob was able to not just bring the regular time-line Losties to the island but was actually able to pull them together from bits and pieces across the two (or more) alt-universes...? So, he'd bring Locke's memories and so on across from the main timeline and Locke's (fixed) body from the Sideways, creating the Locke that we know on-island.

It would explain a lot of the strangeness and unexplained things that we've seen - solving a whole load of mysteries in one go.

If the Losties really are made up from bits from different Alts then... what's going to be "the end"? How can a happy ending come out of this when, already, a lot of the on-island Losties have died? Does the story end with one or more of the Alts..?

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