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Okay, I'll start off by saying this is not a theory about the storyline, itself. However, it is a theory about the show in general, so I hope this qualifies.

I'm hearing a lot of people complain online about how we have "only" so many episodes left, "only" so many hours left in the series, and therefore there isn't anywhere near enough time to answer all (or most) of the important questions that need to be answered. We have 8 episodes left, therefore in real time we have almost 6 hours to go. I just want to say... hogwash!

Not enough time? You've got to be kidding. 6 hours is tons of time. That is the equivelant of THREE full-length films that are almost 2 hours long EACH. The equivalent of a trilogy of three full-length major motion pictures!

Not enough time? Poppycock. We have tons of time to get answers to the show's mysteries. Mind you, they will answer most or all of the major mysteries, and some of the minor ones they can fit in along the way I guarantee they won't answer every mystery that every fan wants answered. Heck, it's a mysterious island! It comes with the territory... literally! (Or literarily!)

But, I certainly think it's crazy to say we don't have enough time. As far as I'm concerned, the longer they put off revealing the big answers, the bigger the BANG POW BOOM amazing bombshells will be at the end! And they are definitely going to put off the biggest and most important answers until the very final hour! All the better for the show and the fans, imho.

So, stop whining, stop worrying about when the questions will be answered. We are here for a reason. You just have to believe, have faith! Buckle up, cuz it's about get real hardcore, friends and neighbors!

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