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Hey there, first time theory poster, don't be too harsh. I just had a thought about the numbers and thought i'd share. Its not too long so enjoy.

Ok, so in the many (what i believe to be) semi-canon lost things there has been 1 that caught a lot of attention. The one saying that the numbers where constants or co-effecients (or core values as I think they say) in the equation which says when the world will end, and if these numbers can be changed, then we may be able to save humanity.

Right, now we're in season 6, we've seen each of these numbers is assigned to a candidate. So my theory is that in order to change the numbers in the equation (aka the candidates) to save the world, the alt reality was created (or caused by something later in season 6) and in this reality these 6 people (7 maybe if kwon is sun and jin) are NOT tied to those numbers, therefore changing the equation and saving humanity.

How we get there I don't know, but im guessing some massive event happens in the finale, and it will finally all make sense.

Where MiB and Jacob tie into this:
MiB will be what would cause the end of the world if he is freed (hence him needing all the 6 candidates (core values) to make it happen. Jacob, wants to stop this from happening, and is in fact using the candidates (core values) to make this happen, and will eventually (via hurley) lead the chosen candidate (jack maybe?) to do something to cause this alternate reality. As for locke being dead, I believe that because MiB is using his body, he still counts as the 4 in the equation so to speak.

I know its not the best written theory but i'm sure you can understand what i'm saying. And comments would be great.

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