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So I was just reading my textbook for history and I came across the part about Zarathustra and his teachings of the religion Zoroastrianism. It taught of many of the ideals currently present in LOST. If you are not familiar with the basic teachings, here's what they are.

There is an ongoing cosmic conflict between the supreme god, Ahura Mazda, and an evil and malign spirt called Angra Mainyu. This is just like Jacob and MIB and the motifs of light and dark (white and black).

There is one supreme deity, Ahura Mazda, and 6 lesser deities who are praised in the teachings, The Gathas. Just like the 6 candidates remaining in the cave and the lighthouse. Also we saw the Oceanic Six leave the island last season.

Now for the alt timeline. The teachings of Zoroastrianism state that in the cosmic conflict, good would ultimately prevail and Angra Mainyu and evil will forever disappear. Then, the human souls will undergo judgement and the honest and moral will go to a heavenly paradise and the demons go to a hellish realm of pain and suffering. In LOST what will happen is after the "war" between Team Jacob and Team MIB, Jack will become the chosen candidate, just like Zarathustra thought he was chosen as a prophet to spread the message of Ahura Mazda. Jack will remember the island in the heavenly paradise of the ALT, and will have to get everyone else to reconnect off the island. Desmond is one of the spirits who oversees both worlds and is also very important in the "spreading of the message."

I'm not saying this religious faith will come up in LOST, but there sure are a lot of connections and it can play a big part in how this all wraps up.

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