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I'm starting to come to the conclusion that Jacob and MiB are on the lower end of the totem pole. I feel that they have for some reason been chosen as the decider's of Earth's fate. It's unclear whether they are in fact demi-gods or aliens or what, but it is my theory that the human race is facing extermination unless Jacob and MiB feel that they can be redeemed.It's similar to the Day the Earth Stood Still if there is in fact an alien connection.

Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the similarities between LOST and the story of Job. For those unfamiliar with it, it briefly goes like this: God and the Devil have an argument about a guy named Job who reveres and worships God. The devil says that Job only worships God because God gives Job a good life. God says I'll prove ya wrong. God puts Job through the ringer, Job doesn't crack, Job is rewarded in the end. This is essentially whats going on on the island except Jacob and MiB are having the argument because the stakes are incredibly high instead of for vanity and ego.

It seems to me the very fact that Jacob and MiB have "rules" means that they answer to a higher authority. The fact that MiB found a loophole instead of simply breaking the rules tells us that there is some consequence to both their actions.

It seems Jacob values the human race and has, and would have, continued to give them many chances to prove their worth. MiB, on the other hand, is no longer concerned. Perhaps their task was to make the decision to either eliminate the humans and return to the rest of their kind or wait until humans have proven their worth and then return to wherever it is they came from.

Jacob is the one instructed to decide the fate and MiB is around to carry out destruction if that's what is to happen. MiB was at Jacob's mercy. Jacob is the decider and MiB is the sword. Jacob takes this job very seriously. Maybe MiB does too but I think he's just done giving the human race chances. He's tired of waiting. I imagine that if MiB leaves the island he can make his way to the rest of the world and eliminate the entire population of Earth and go home. That's what is at stake here.

Now with Jacob being gone, the decision falls on MiB, and believe me he's already chosen.

Okay, so how does this all tie in with the sideways world? Well, Jacob has been steering the events of the Losties to the island. Who's to say he didn't play a part in the creation of the sideways world? This is the carrot on the string that Jacob is dangling. Desmond has seen it and knows that if they get their act together on behalf of the human race they'll be able to put this experience behind them and reap the rewards of a life better than the one they had. Much like Job after his tremendous loss. Not that Job forgot what happened but he was blessed after his many trials. My guess is that MiB wants Desmond out of the picture fast. That's why he needed Sayid to get him out of Widmore's grasp/protection. The faster the Losties kill each other the better. He doesn't need them to leave with him he just needs them to kill each other.

MiB's mother is a tricky thing. It's tough to say what that's all about and I'm sure we'll find out soon enough but maybe she's the one that set the rules up and left them there. MiB's got mommy issues and he wants to get back to her. Maybe MiB was originally the favorite son and the one who was supposed to be the decider much like in the biblical story of Jacob and Esau(a story I'm sure every hardcore Lost fan is aware of). Perhaps Jacob was supposed to be the instrument of death and instead manipulated things in his favor.

So what do the Losties have to do to prove themselves? Well, some sort of sacrifice needs to be made. It feels like Jack is going to be the one to do it but it would make sense for it to be a group effort. Maybe at some point they will all do something to sacrifice themselves for the good of all mankind. MiB may see this and finally change his mind and let the human race survive. What that means to him I couldn't tell you. Destruction would probably just be easier for him to do instead of sparing humans. He's gone through a lot and the fact that Jacob is dead makes the situation very dire for the human race.

Enough of my ramblings. Maybe after tonight's episode all of these points will be moot and irrelevant but who knows. Thanks for reading.


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