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The game, balancing the scales by Resettheory

I want to propose this theory in q&a form because this theory isn't thematic. It is based of the differences between both realities, so here goes.

Are Alt Jacob and MIB still playing the game in both realities?
I say yes since the Island still exists, and must have been afloat up until Dharma was operational there. As well as Alt Eloise and what she seems to be concerned with when she talks to Alt Desmond.

Is it the same game?

Yes. Although these realities are explained by people like Daniel Faraday scientifically, I believe Jacob's plan uses science as a tool, but he led them to this point. In this way, Jacob created this other reality.

Why did he do it?

This answer has not become clear yet. I'm leaning towards thinking that each of at least but not limited to the candidates will have to sacrifice themselves out of love in order to merge the realities. Jacob will be proved correct.

When will this happen?

I think they will find a way to jump realities, and once on the Island he will Casimir effect themselves. Once this happens we merge back to one reality. Alive again but this time with a balanced scale. In our original time line they were LOST, in the Alt they were WON. Problem is you can't have it all and I think our characters have pretty much learned this. The final reality will begin and end for them in balance.

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