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The Loophole and Dogma by gman206

I have always wondered what the loophole is; from other posts I have seen people suggest that the loophole was MIB getting someone else to kill Jacob. That seems a little too simple of a loophole; if the rule is MIB can’t kill Jacob it only takes a second to figure out the way around this rule. After last night's episode "Happily Ever After" I think the loophole may be in some ways similar to the movie Dogma. The plot of the movie in a very brief description was: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck play two angels that were cast out of heaven and all they want to do is go back. A Church offering forgiveness by passing through its archway was the loophole that would allow them to get back into heaven, but doing so would prove God infallible and result in everything ceasing to exist.
I am wondering if MIB exists in an alternate universe and can’t leave the island because he can’t exist outside of the island. The only way for him to leave would be to have the two universes converge which would result in everything ceasing to exist like Widmore said.
I know this idea is kind of out there, but I am curious to hear what everyone else thinks.

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