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Reflections on "Happily Ever After" by debel

Two independent ideas I had after watching last nights episode 6x11.

1) Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking Arc
In seasons 4 and 5 we see small glimpses of their past and present yet these characters seem quite informed within the context of the "impending war" on the island. Of course, this could also be a red herring... Anyway, Eloise Hawking was the leader of the others, I suppose so was Charles Widmore; and as leaders they were prompted to the same choices as we've seen given to Richard, Locke, Sayid, Sawyer (and after tonights episode Desmond and Charlie!?).
Finally, I think the 2 time lines defer in that in one Eloise choose Jacob and Widmore went with MiB and visa-versa.

Unanswered question: how is Christian Shepard to this? (I put him here since he is the same age)

1.1) Faraday's Loop
Faraday is my favorite character on the show in the sense of story arc and character development. The poor bastard gets pushed around by his mom to become a physicist; he cry's his brains out while watching TV. He is a time-jumping chrono-bursting hyper-smart-but-tell-it-simple hero scientist. He meets his tragic end by the hand of his very mother. And now we see him a musician bearing the name Widmore.

I think this is a side effect of the choices of his parents. I also think that his idea of detonating the bomb is a red herring. I also have a spoilerish idea of what they might blow with it ;)

2) Desmond could crash the plain on purpose.
Desmond crashed the plain in the "original" time line. I theories it could happen again since Desmond has such a "very special talent". This could be tight to his absence from his seat in the season premiere.

I think the aim of tonight's episode was to kind of exaggerate the role Desmond plays in the final resolution of the show.

Final question: Could Desmond be in the possession of the MiB? I mean in the scene with Sayid they both acted pretty much the same; kind of slow in the eyes and all "i am a puppet" type behavior :)

Don't judge me too hard this is my first theory.
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