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Little boy is Important by Pam

Did anyone else notice the little boy in last night's episode seems to be getting older? He is definitely older than he was the last time we saw him AND that was really the first time that we saw him (as far as I can remember). He's also starting to look startlingly familiar.

My theory is that since Smokey cannot kill Jacob, the little boy is Jacob. What if it just started his clock again? i.e. dies and is reborn. The idea would be that in the time that it took for Jacob to re-age to a level that he could maintain Smokey on the island, he would find a way to get off. The candidates were required to keep him there during this time.

He is not Aaron, in my opinion because there is already an Aaron in both timelines (or so I assume since Claire had not given birth yet in the Alt Universe). So it must either be someone that we haven't met yet or someone that has been killed in one of the two timelines.

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