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Desmond, Locke and 6x11-12 by Corey M

Okay, so we all know Des hit Locke with his car, but why? That's the question on all of our minds right now, and I've got some theories as to why.

1. Locke does not love anyone that would draw him to the island world, and therefore cannot be drawn to the island world, so Desmond wanted to eliminate him. Probably the least complicated and least likely scenario, but still.
2. When Desmond was pushed down the well, he had another "experience" like when he was electromagnetized by Widmore. He passed out in the island timeline and his consciousness was fully blasted into the ALT timeline and he wanted revenge on Locke. This theory is also pretty unlikely, because Desmond wasn't exposed to any electromagnetism (that we know of).

Anyways, I'd like to think about the ALT Desmond. In 6x11, he said that he wanted to "show" the survivors something, and we realized in 6x12 that he wanted to show them the feeling of the true love that gave Desmond his purpose. Although i'm not really sure what exactly the Losties in the ALT are gonna do next after their experiences, but what i do think now is that Desmond is like the Jacob of the ALT world. He is basically leading people toward their lives on the island. And what i am thinking now is that maybe, MAYBE when Desmond was tested by Widmore, he was claimed. But not by MIB, by Jacob. And now Jacob is acting through Desmond. Any thoughts?

Also, with Locke, i'm getting the impression that now that he was hit, Jack WILL have to operate on him, and in doing so will not only repair the damage, but will also fix Locke and allow him to walk. This leads me to my third theory on why Desmond hit Locke. I think that somehow, in some way, Locke's experience, whether it was being hit by the car or being possibly operated on by Jack, will lead him to remember the island universe. I think this is my most likely theory to happen. Thoughts?

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