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It's being said that the key for the ALT is LOVE. But it doesn't seem like it. Otherwise, Jack and Kate would have recognized themselves inside the plane. In other POV, Desmond recognizes Penny as his 'lover', but Penny doesn't recognize Desmond. Daniel recognizes Charlotte and Charlie recognizes Claire.

This is because all characters (with the exception of Desmond, check above) that proves this theory are already dead.

Jack and Kate doesn't recognized themselves because they are alive in the Main TimeLine. That applies for Sawyer too when he saw Kate (twice).

Charlie recognizes Claire because he's already dead in the MTL.

Daniel recognizes Charlotte because of the same reason.

Desmond recognizes Penny because he's the exception. He's special, he doesn't follow the rules.

I guess in the next episodes, more and more losties will recognize themselves because they are going to die in the MTL. For example, Sawyer will remember Juliet because he'll die in the MTL.

Other proofs about the relation between timelines being death, there's SUN. Sun stopped talking english as soon as was shot in the Alternate TimeLine. This is because Sun died in the ATL. Since Sun died, she started to remember the ALT in the MTL, and can't speak english, just like in the ALT.

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