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There has been a lot of talk of Aaron being the MIB, or Jacob or even BOTH of them. I hope this helps those who believe it's possible see why I think that's silly. Okay ... every time I discuss this with one of my delusional friends, they tell me I'm acting like a douche, so I'll simply pose a question or two to avoid coming off like one:

Does ANYONE really think that with 6 hours of Lost left, we would get to see what would NEED to be a long description about how Aaron could, for starters, make it back to the island, travel hundreds of years into the past, separate into two beings, get powers, like the ability to grant individuals immortality and turn into smoke and people's dead relatives, and so on ..? There's simply NOT ENOUGH TIME to tell a story filled with this much depth in the 6 hours left of programming, all the while finishing up all of the revolving storylines of all of the characters and the impending 'war' that's brewing.

Then there's this:

IF MIB AND JACOB were both Aaron, or even if ONE of them were to be Aaron ... wouldn't they have a knowledge of this and would have worked to get Aaron off the island with his mother so that none of what happened ever took place? They certainly would have had numerous opportunities. Think about it - MIB has stated that all he wants to do is leave/go home. Why would he have prevented Claire from being one of the Oceanic Six (Well, the Oceanic Seven) if he knew that all he needed was his mother to take him off the island to prevent ANY of this from EVER happening to him? If all he wanted to do was 'go home', wouldn't he have just made sure that his mother took him off the island when she had a chance?

I'm sorry but I think ANY rebuttal to this argument is pointless. I know we all want to believe Aaron is as important as he was made out to be in season one, but maybe he will be. Maybe he will turn out to be important because of how love now seems to be a factor in the show's final season.

He is not Jacob or MIB. The great and powerful Oz has spoken!

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