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Jacob through the Roland Glass by Jackattack

It seems that a lot of people are having trouble accepting the notion that Jacob's actions could lead to the deliberate death of others. If Jacob represents white or "good", then how could he ever do anything that some might consider evil (i.e., bringing boats/planes to the island that result in massive casualties)?

My point here is to draw a parallel between Jacob and Roland the Gunslinger, the main protagonist from The Dark Tower series (hopefully I don't have to remind you of it's importance to Darlton and the canon of Lost). Throughout the series, Roland toes the line between good and evil. Although everything Roland does is for "the white" (sound familiar?), more specifically to keep the threads of existence together, on his journey he ends up committing a series of violent acts that bring death to others, as well as to innocents around him. Yet, in the end, everything he has done has been for the greater good, or again for the "white" team. Further, Roland's acts of violence end up seeming pale in comparison to the horrible violence committed by members of the "black" side.

Similarly, Jacob's actions have resulted in several deaths, yet I don't think this automatically makes him evil, it just reinforces the recurring Lost theme of the duality between good and evil. As for the MIB, we have flat out seen some major death and destruction. We've seen limbs ripped off and an entire temple full of people annihilated.

Jacob is good, people. Let's hear him out.

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