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Kate: The Wild Card ?! by Ricardos' Esposa

Hey ya'll. Feels great to finally post a theory. Long time reader, virgin poster. Like most of the theories on DarkUfo, this one came to me in a dream.

Ever since "Happily Ever After" alot of theories have been focused on LOVE as the be al end all. And I agree. I see love as one of the scientifically proven faith based emotions. Like anger, or jealous; you can't understand it until it hits you, and doctors can actually show you what part of the brain is affected by what emotion.

So, anyway. Everthing is now about how Desmond discovered the 2 realities because of his love for Penny. Charlie showed him the way because he remembered loving someone (Claire, duh. Daniel taught him to believe by telling him of his feeling of love for Charlotte (a women has hasn't actually met) and how it caused him to write crazy stuff he can't even pronounce. Is this what the Losties will fight for? Real Love? The one thing that MIB's ALT doesn't have.(Yeah i believe in the Smoke scan of wishes to create a new world) Love will save us all.

My point, I believe Kate will end up 'loving' the island and willing to do anything to keep it from sinking. (I don't want to call her the new Jacob or anything because this 'time' the rules have changed.) Based on the LOVE theory Kate should never want to leave the island. Why? Let's look at her life and loves:
LAX- fugitive running from the law

815- Crashed on island and fell in LOVE
What? While Kate was in the garage she had her pivotal 'reflection' scene. I've other theories, but what I saw was a woman who was tired of running and desired a better life. Now when she sees Jack/Sawyer (1 big penis to her)she recognizes something that confuses her. It's not love but something that might have led to love. Sorry, but I don't believe she ever truly loved either one, you can't love 2 people at the same time. And based on her past experiences, and what she did because she loved her mother, she has yet to experience true mind altering love. Unfortunatly, that is the same kind of LOVE that caused her mother to turn on her faster than an I-HOP pancake when she found out what she did. She didn't care that her daughter was trying to protect her because she loved her, all she cared about was that the love of her life was gone. (Abusive Spouse=Crazy mother) So this is the kind of love that Kate knows, something she can't feel and doesn't want to based of the way her ! mother was. This is her reality of LAX. Alone, running, and unloved; not something that she truly wants.Oh, eventually she starts to feel something, while in the Hospital with Claire. That is when she has her realization that something is not quite right.

On island, after 815, is when Kate finds LOVE, or the closest thing she can get to. The only reason she knows Jack/Sawyer/Aaron(there he is) is because the plane crashed. She found 2 men willing to fight over her (even better than love :D), and a boy that she could truly love and that would love her in return. Sorry Claire, but with the plane crashing and Kate taking Aaron off the island, she became the woman she wanted to be. She got her case cleared, money, and her mothers 'approval'. Basically thing for Kate got WAY better when the plan crashed. That was until Ben/MIB come into play.. you know the rest. At that point she makes a choice to give Aaron to his real family and return to the island to find Claire and make a happy reunion. Yay! Uh oh, Claire found, gone crazy= unfit mother (MIB). What is a girl to do?

So we are led to believe that if MIB gets off the island bad things will happen. What? Will it destroy the world?, the Island? Will it cause the LAX timeline to become permanent? Will it reset time back to the past so they can try again? If MIB doesn't get off, like Jacob wants will they all be stuck on the island forever?

Kate is having second thoughts about her purpose for coming back to the island. I think coming back to the island Kate realizes that this is were she found happiness, like Benard and Rose did. Why should she leave? She can't take Claire back to Aaron, way too crazy now. (MIB) And if MIB(or Sawyer, good luck with the sub) succeeds in getting them off the island Claire will go for Aaron. (Yeah he is going to kill them all, but they don't know that)So she will have to stop this from happening to protect the one thing she ever truly loved, Aaron. BUT SHE'S NOT A CANDIDATE!

In my opinion it sounds like being a candidate isn't much of a choice. Yet Jacob keeps saying that you have to 'choose' to stay on the island. Choosing to stay on the island of her own free will could be a catalyst for trapping MIB onthe island. Once someone feels like they can't leave the island (Kate) is when they become its protector (Jacob). But since MIB/Flocke is determined to leave, someone will need to trick him into staying. Maybe 'steal' his body so he is once again trapped on the island. Who? How? Don't know, haven't figured that part out yet.

How does Desmond and his LOVE trick fit in? I believe he is the key to getting the other Losties off the island safely without beraking the rules(loophole). They can mind travel back to their LOVE reality without releasing MIB. Maybe the candidates aren't ot replace Jacob, but to replace MIB. Sorry but Jacob seems to be notorious for getting you to look over here, while he screws with you over there.

Who do I think will be the replacement, Claire. MIB thought he was eliminating candidates for Jacobs position, while he was unknowingly training/grooming his replacment. I could easily see the final scene being Kate and Claire:

Claire: "You stole my son and my life. Do you know how badly I want to kill you. I wll find a loophole."

Kate: (laughing) "Well, I'll be right here when you do."

But Kate, being Kate; she won't need a 'Richard" for assistance. SHe has no problem doing her own dirty work.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if it rambles, I hope you all understand what I am trying to say. Kate=Jacob, Claire=MIB
Ok, I'm ready. Let me have it, be nice I'm just a child in this DarkUfo universe.

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