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Wishes Granted by ARM70

I believe the the on island events are influencing the sideways timeline. Let's start with Flocke's crew. He promised them certain things and in the ATL we've seen the wishes granted.

Sayid: He wanted to see Nadia again and Flocke said he would make that happen. When we see him in the ALT, he does see Nadia again. It's just that she's married to his brother and he is still a cold blooded killer. He didn't ask for his world to be perfect and it isn't.

Claire: She wanted to be with Aaron. In the ALT she decides to keep the baby. She is, however, in a strange country with no money and no stability but she got what she wanted.

Kate: She wanted to reunite Aaron and Claire. She did that by helping Claire and convincing her to keep the baby. She's still a fugitive though and the rest of her life is still a mess.

Sawyer: He wanted to just go home. In the ALT he may be a cop but his vengeance for the man he believes killed his parents is still first and foremost in his life. Still blinded by hatred and revenge.

Jin: He wanted to be with Sun. In the ALT he is with Sun but a hit has been put on him for it and the woman he loves was just shot and she may lose their baby. Not so good.

Now I realize that some of these people haven't clearly chosen sides but these people are with Flocke and they haven't clearly made a choice yet to follow Jacob and choose his side. I believe when and if they do then their ALT worlds will change for the better.

Now to the people with Jacob:

Jack: He wasn't sure what he wanted and in the ALT his dad is dead. Nothing can change that, dead is dead. But he can try and heal the other important relationship in his life: his son. And he does just that. His wish has been granted. He finds redemption in a different relationship but it's still the father/son bond that he so desperately wanted.

Hurley: We haven't seen his episode yet but we do know in the ALT his life is different and his isn't cursed, he's lucky! What's the one thing he wanted? To be with Libby. I bet we'll be seeing that transpire next week.

Ben: Ben clearly chose to take Jacobs side and in the ALT he was given another chance to make things right with Alex and he did.

Sun: Sun's ALT is still a mess but I believe it's because she hasn't completely embraced Jacob's side yet.

Anyway, yes, some details are sketchy but it sorta makes sense. Maybe. It doesn't explain every little thing but in general these are my thoughts and I like the idea of the island events influencing the ALT like this.

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