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John Locke Must Die (?) by MDC

The last two episodes have seen the pieces of the flashsideways falling into place. Desmond is on a course to nudge the people from 815 towards their fated lovers, and considering the directionality parallelled in the island and flash-sideways narratives, I believe I have a strong sense of where one part of the closing chapter will take us.

Desmond's rubber-burning paraplegic pile-drive has left many of us baffled as to his motives - assuming Desmond was being truthful on-island about believing MIB is Locke, he could be taking revenge for being thrown down the well which could (arguably) end unfortunately for Mr Hume. I am working under the assumption that Desmond is enlightened to certain aspects of the nature of the dual realities, and knows the Man in Black is deceiving him.

I believe alt-Locke's condition will be tied to the culmination of the on-island events. Locke is staring down the neck of what's beyond the cork in the flash-sideways, and he will have to make a decision that decides the fate of the world. Ilana was blown to oblivion when it seemed that she was about to expose the truth of what would happen should the MIB get off the island. MIB's escape could mean certain chaos and disorder in the world - I believe the implications are far worse. It has been suggested that existence itself will cease to exist should the MIB be free - the literal darkness of nothingness.

The still-living Locke - sedated, consciousness drifting - may catch his own glimpses of the other reality. He will see himself walking, hunting, leading: perhaps Locke will begin to favour this reality over the seemingly doomed fate awaiting him outside of his still living body. It will be up to John Locke to ultimately decide the destinies of the two realities.

Locke's fight for his own life is a fight for the state of existence itself. If he gives up hope and dies in the flash-sideways - abandoning Helen, his true love (and possibly not forgiving Desmond) - MIB wins the battle on-island, and everything ends. If he chooses to live, despite the possibility of never walking again - hell, despite the possibility of being fully paralyzed for the rest of his life - the MIB will fail. Jack's involvement is key here - I believe Jack and Locke will both be together in the culminating moments. On-island and in a hospital room, key moments between Jack and Locke will decide the fate of mankind.

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