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I have read a lot about how Illanas character was "cannon fodder" and a waste, and that much of her use could have been transferred to other characters.

The main thing that many are ignoring about her is the pivotal role she played in bringing Ben back into the fold, and forgiving him for his past.

I find that her scene with Linus a few weeks back was about as pivotal a dialogue between characters as there has been on lost, right up there with Desmond and Farradays mother ala "the Jewelry store" incident. This is yet another example of pieces on the chest board being maneuvered, and then sacrificed.

Think about these situations whereas an outside influence maneuvers to place a key character back into the mix (think of moving along a chess board):

-Locke with Abaddon directing him on the walkabout and the journey towards bringing our friends back to the island (yet another "wasted" character by all want and means)

- Claire and her Psychic

- Desmond and Eloise Hawking in the Jewelry store, and again in the Flash sideways last week

- Illana with Ben during the "Ill have you..." scene a few weeks back

There are many more characters considered "Fodder" by many, including Nikki and Paulo, whos episode has confounded even the best and most addicted "Losties" of us all. But they all have made it so that the whole story can arc. I am positive that in a few weeks when this is all said and done, when we have the whole picture, that the best of us will be able to look back and see that there are very few "wasted characters" on this show.

Illanas fate lied in the fact that she did serve her purpose, like many have read in the recaps. The difference is that I dont think her purpose was to tell them that they were "candidates".

It was to bring Ben back into the fold, it was to forgive him and I think ultimately, Bens allegiance, that began so long ago to the island and culminated in a betrayal, will only serve to strengthen him to fulfill his own destiny at the end of it all.

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