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Hurley will kill the MiB by Jimmy Guts

First time theorist, apologies to stepping on toes, yada yada yada.

Something that struck me as very important in last night's episode ("Everyone Loves Hugo") was when Hurley came upon the MiB's camp. First and foremost, Hurley did not allow MiB to speak first (a mistake that Dogen warned Sayid about earlier in the season). In addition, MiB hands Hurley his knife. This had to have significance; more than just "laying down arms" or something like that.

Recall that Jacob was killed with his own knife. This is likely part of the loophole. It seems entirely possible that Hurley, now in possession of MiB's knife, will be able to deliver a fatal stab.

The only problem with this is the fact that Sayid has already tried this. Dogen gave Sayid (presumably) MiB's knife, warned him to not let the MiB speak, and told him to stab the MiB. As we all know, Sayid failed. This could be for multiple reasons:

-Sayid is infected
-Sayid let the MiB speak first
-The knife was not actually MiB's
-The knife was no longer effective as the MiB has now changed permanently into Locke's form. This could lead to the need of one of Locke's own knives to take him down.

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