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Jacob - really the "Good" guy?? by LostPankha

ok guys, this is my first post on this site, so please bear with me...although i did leave ONE comment somewhere, bt comments don't count :)

this is not exactly a theory bt something which i would like all of u to think about...my point is How Can We Be Sure That Jacob Is Actually The "Good" Guy (or The "God" Guy, according to some people) ??

what i see is that us lost fans have more or less decided that jacob is the good guy, protecting people, keeping evil from spreading out, etc...and that MIB is the bad guy, the evil n all that...

bt what i ask is how can we be sure of this? just because jacob wears white clothes? bcoz he has blonde hair? bcoz MIB wears black clothes and has grey-ish hair?? (i am not saying we have a racist mentality or anything bt just that we have some preconcieved notions about colours, if not in skin than in clothes...)

now i hvn't done any masters in lost mythology and i accept right here that there may be a few mistakes or a few things may hv gotten neglected in this theory, bt here's my argument:

1) ok lets begin from the beginning. first time we see jacob n MIB, they are having that iconic "they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. it always ends the same" and "it only ends once. anything before that is just progress" dialogue.".
now here's my take...perhaps MIB is trying to prove that people inherently are not bad, but power corrupts them; while jacob's point is that people are inherently bad. i want u to take into consideration the order of the phrases 'THEY FIGHT' and 'THEY CORRUPT'. how do u corrupt something that is already destroyed?? maybe what MIB is trying to say is that people come to the island, they fight for the good, they defeat or destroy the bad (or evil)...but then the power (of the island maybe, when talking about in that context; or otherwise gained by virtue of victory in a war) that they gain is what corrupts people. the focus is not on "people corrupting others" but on "people getting corrupted"...what MIB said works both ways...

2) now about the numerous times MIB has talked about killing jacob...does just saying 'i wanna kill you' make MIB evil?? i mean, seriously how many employees hvn't had the thought of killing their bosses...?? ;)
if a person is good, it doesn't mean he can't say something of that sort...doesn't mean that he actually wants to do it...hell, jack even pulled the trigger on locke...and going by what we have right now, he seems to b the leading "candidate" to replace our "good" "old" jacob (pun intended ;))...
and probably MIB does want to kill jacob, but possibly only because jacob is evil and MIB wants to eliminate him (this seems more acceptable, doesn't it?)

3) about richard's arrival - well according to MIB, he wants to kill jacob, but he can't bcoz somebody else will be there to replace him...(not a good condidate, but an evil candidate)...so MIB wants richard to kill jacob. and seriously, was somebody else surprised at the way jacob had his first "meeting" with richard, or was it just me? fine, richard was carrying the dagger so jacob was right in hitting him to disarm him...but he doesn't stop there...he continues to hit him till he is totally down and out. and then when richard says this place is hell, jacob tried to drown him but better sense prevailed and he might have thought, "hey i might very well use him against MIB himself!!"...to tell u the truth, i thought that little interaction was quite unlike "jacob" that has been projected so far...

and later on, when talking about the nature of the island, jacob doesn't say that HE is the keeper of the island...he just says that the island keeps evil things from spreading out...perhaps he was talking about himself and how the island is like a prison to him...

4) now importantly, about the candidates...i think it was becoz of jacob that our candidates led unhappy lives before arriving on the island. if not totally bcoz of him, then he was certainly instrumental in pushing them over so to speak (a mirror image of flocke pushing him over the edge of the pit into the fire buirning at the center of the room under tawreet's statue perhaps??)...neways back on track about the candidates...a few key cases :

SAWYER - what if jacob hadn't given sawyer that pen in his childhood? little sawyer would prolly have cried a lot and forgotton all about wat happened...but no. jacob gives him that pen, makes sure sawyer writes his fellings down and never forgets what happened. so that some day he may become a bad man and be a candidate to replace him.

SAYID - what if jacob hadn't asked for directions from sayid at that very instant?? sayid and nadia would have crossed over to the other side. but no, jacob stops sayid, nadia turns around to see what happened and sayid returns to his old days of shooting and killing.

KATE - what would u do if u saw ur daughter stealing something? i'll tell u what i would do. i would scold her, maybe slap her (though that maybe too harsh)...but i certainly won't pay for what she has stolen and let her keep it. maybe buy it for her later but i won't be so nice to her with that big smile and just ask her to b nice in such a sweet manner. to me it looked like he encouraged her.

JACK - a son has a heated argument with his father. what does jacob do? go upto jack, give him that chocolate bar, and maybe stoke a fire in jack that if a stranger is so nice, why isn't his own father.


i am not saying jacob is the bad guy or jacob is the good guy. wat i am saying is from whatever we have seen so far, it is possible, at the same time however unlikely, that jacob may be the bad guy. but we have never really thought of him as one. for us, he is *undoubtedly* the good guy, which i believe is not the way it should be.

You might say, "Why do you find it so difficult to believe?"
And I might say, "Why do you find it so easy?"


well now if you are still reading this, congratulations! and thank you for reading this bullshit which some of you might think it to be. my only point with this post is don't just believe what is projected for you to believe. take different perspectives into consideration. "Have An Open Mind". Peace.

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