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Jacob and M.I.B same guy? (kind of) by YABBA

Apologies if this is an existing theory but my belief is that jacob and the M.I.B are seperate entitys but that the image that we all know of jacob is M.I.B's original form (his original physical body) M.I.B tells richard this when he is attempting to make him kill jacob, although M.I.B is telling richard a lot of lies at this moment i think there may be some truth in his statement 'he stole my body' maybe M.I.B was once a candidate who died on the island and jacob needs to keep finding candidates who must die first (make a sacrifice) in order to possess the body and carry on his work, im also thinking that M.I.B had to possess the body of another candidate in order to leave the island, and whichever one of our losties is the next candidate will have to die so jacob can live on and their soul still remains on the island as the smoke... any comments? and please excuse me first time post lol

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