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Aaron is just a red herring by thejudomadonna

For several seasons, the inability to give birth on the island, as well as Aaron himself have received a lot of attention, and seemed to be important to the big picture in Lost.

With only a few episodes left, it doesn't look like we'll get a lot of exposition on this. I've seen a lot of theories posted about how Jacob is Aaron, Aaron is the MIB, etc, etc.

What i will attempt to outline here are plausible answers to both the pregnancy issue, as well as Aaron, that will essentially "wrap up" these mysteries, in the case that i am right, and the show doesn't revisit these plotlines.

First, let us take into account the list of candidates. The script calls for "over a hundred" names to be written on the wall. By piecing the shots together, some have arrived at an estimate of around 350 names. This is all well and good, even with more, or less, this part of theory would hold up.

Now, we know that Jacob/MIB have been on the island, and actively recruiting for over 100 years. This tells us that a lot of people on the island aren't candidates.

The Others are made up of a lot of converts from the Dharma Initiative, and of those that aren't, few are likely to be Candidates, as they share an elevated status among the Others, and it would be sort of easy to tell. (Ben, Juliet, and Tom all enjoy leadership positions, for example.)

Now we all know that the Candidates play by a different set of rules. Some of these rules have been spelled out, some have not.

So, whilst incredibly simple, i think it's logically sound to conclude that Claire could give birth where no one else could because she's a Candidate, and the others weren't.

Now with Aaron, Candidacy isn't hereditary. That is, just because his mom is a candidate, doesn't mean he is.

I think the most telling part of this is that even though "everyone" had to be on Ajira to go back to the island, Aaron wasn't, and it simply wasn't a big deal. Surely if he was a candidate, his presence would have been a necessary caveat to return travel.

And so there you have it. Aaron will live a normal off the island, never to return. Just a very elaborate red herring.

Feel free to rip this apart in the comments, i would love to be wrong, because i certainly fell for it hard, and would love some more exposition, i'm just afraid there won't be any.

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